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In my teens I discovered those GT Falcon's of the late 60's and early 70's. My earliest recollection of a GT was in grade 6 at primary school when I saw a True Blue coloured XY while traveling on the bus. It grabbed everyone's attention.

I soon become GT crazy and by the time I was 15, I could spot a GT on the road and could name the model and pick all the unoriginal faults with it.

All I wanted for my first car was one of those GT's. I didn't care which model, from XR to XB - I liked them all. It just had be a GT (or at least an ESP).

It's taken 10 years to fulfill my teenage dream of owning an original Falcon GT. After months of seriously looking for the ideal GT, from XT's to XW HO's I came across this 1970 XW GT you see here in December 2003.

When I saw this car advertised, I knew it was the one. The only problem was it's location - Brisbane and I was in Melbourne. But with some help from a few guys in the Falcon GT Club of Queensland, I had this XW inspected. It was exactly what I'd been looking for. A clean, original GT with matching numbers, Cleveland powered and four on the floor!

A couple of bonuses for me was the colour and trim. Although I really like XW's in Silver Fox, Reef Green would be my next pick. I wanted something a little different and this colour plus the Saddle colour interior trim finishes this XW off beautifully.

From the factory, this XW was optioned with the mandatory seat beats and a push button radio, which unfortunately was replaced with an aftermarket unit at some stage. A front spoiler has also been fitted and widened 12 slots (which I've since replaced with original width 12 slots).

The car was originally sold through Peter Warren Ford in Liverpool NSW. Sometime during the early 70's, this XW made it's way north to Queensland, before being up for sale in a Brisbane car yard. From there it was bought by a Brisbane resident who owned it for the next 20 old years. It sat in a shed for about 15 of those years. More recently, it's had a "back to bare metal" respray and some rust cut out. It's next owner only had it for a just short period where he cleaned a few things up and then i bought it. I'm just the 5th owner.

Since purchasing it I've had the original engine rebuilt and the engine bay resprayed in two-pack. Under the bonnet it now looks immaculate, where previously it looked like a couple of batteries had exploded in there!

The next job might be the interior, but I'll also need to clean the exterior up a little before the 11th Falcon GT Nationals in March 2005. There's a few stone chips here and there but not too bad. As I drive it as often as weather and works permits, I don't mind.

It's a genuine Falcon GT and that's all that matters..

November 2004