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starr wagon

Since selling my first car (the beast) back in 2005, I've been without a daily driver.
Not a big deal if you're living in the inner city, as I was.

But since moving out of the rental trap and buying my very own home towards the end of 2006, I needed another daily driver to get around with, as driving the green machine just wasn't smart or practical.

A spare car (the ute) in the family helped for a year before I become serious and started looking for another car of my own. Of course, it couldn't just be any car. It had to have something special to it and ideally built before 1976, because as everyone knows, the world stopped making real cars after that year.

I noticed the starr wagon for sale, a couple of months prior to the eventual purchase. It was originally listed for $11,000. A little overpriced for a standard wagon, even though it had fresh paint work and looked pretty clean and original from the photographs.

When there was a price drop to $9,500 I become very interested.

With the help of a good friend, we met up in Preston where the wagon was located to have a look. What we found was a very clean and original car. The paint work was nice and it actually looked like a brand new car from the outside.

The interior required a tidy-up and there was a few things that needed a little attention before it could be registered for the road again but that was to be expected with a car of this age. Overall, it was very well looked after and amazingly had only traveled 77,000 miles from new.

After a day or two of a thinking, an offer was made and a little negotiation later the starr wagon was mine for $7,200, including some spare paint and delivery!

It's only been a few days but there's already plans for the starr wagon. Firstly, to make sure it's okay mechanically. Then bring the interior trim up to the same standard as the exterior. Lower the car a little and add a few personal touches but it'll remain mostly stock standard.

March 2008